1 way to avoid your perfectionism and stop procrastinating

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Do you know what your perfectionism is costing you?

A better question might be what is your PROCRASTINATION costing you. Because your perfectionism leads to your procrastination.

And these 2 poisonous P’s have leaked into EVERY area of my life at one point or another. And they still do.

And if you’re honest with yourself, this two headed monster is the SINGLE biggest obstacle between you and the freedoms you desire and are committed to for yourself and your loved ones.

So listen up. This post is KEY to your commitments and dreams.


The good news? These are learned MENTAL modalities.
So they can be unlearned in relatively short amount of time.

The bad news? Because they are mental conditions that most people take on naturally, you probably suffer from them. And they won’t go away the more successful you get.

In fact – the temptation will never never go away.

Like fear, overcoming them isn’t about removing them and making them leave. It’s about becoming aware of the patterns and intentionally redirecting yourself so the patterns no longer destroy your life.

So I could go on for hours…but here is a few quick take aways.

Perfectionism is like trying to reach the horizon. It won’t happen.

When you imagine something that you want to create, you naturally imagine it in its flawless state. Then you strive for the flawless.

But on a road trip…can you ever reach the horizon? Absolutely not. There is always a horizon in front of you.

Flawless is no different. It’s not a goal – it’s a constantly moving horizon.

When you measure progress against an imagined flawless state (set in time) – you’ll never be happy, you’ll judge the crap out of yourself and you’ll eventually sabatoge yourself.


This is one of the deeper roots mans addiction to alcohol, drugs, sex, porn, work, etc…

And what’s worse? Once you set up this track record of disappointment – the moment you get a new idea or have a new opportunity, your past disappointments in yourself suck the joy out of it almost immediately. And eventually…you give up on your dreams completely.

This discomfort, and this ridiculous standard that can’t be achieved…keeps people stuck from taking action (procrastination) because the pain of taking action and not achieving the flawless state hurts. You’re someone who only loves themselves if everything is flawless.


Truly give yourself permission to accomplish whatever you’re putting off at ***just 80%*** of your imagined flawless state.

Then…go for it.

And see what happens.

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