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I have experienced more breakthroughs and applicable knowledge and mindsets in 6 months coaching with Jonathan than I have in the past 3.5 years of professional weekly counseling. I am not the same person I was last year, he helped me collapse time in a way I couldn’t imagine. – DW

Tools to face your fear, procrastination and inner wimp.


Power, Freedom and Control.


#MorningFuel for men.


ManEngine Training.

Jonathan Heston gets it. And he knows what he doesn’t know too. He won’t pretend he knows something he doesn’t. So when he speaks, listen. Let it soak in deep. Then come back for more. – JD

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The Daily Writings.


Life on the Edge

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The funny thing about fear is that it feels the same - regardless of the impact. But the impact YOU have when fear comes up is determined by where you...

Finding Hidden Beliefs That Sabatoge You

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Your DEFAULT focus is a sign of your deeper beliefs. + Are you focused on "what if I mess up" or on serving others? + Are you focused on what...

Napoleon Hill was WRONG…

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...It isn't *THINK* and grow rich. It's FEEL and grow rich. You can make faster transitions in your action by diving into the darkness of your feelings, hearing their message...


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The very nature of life is a self perpetuation of itself. The very nature of love is a self perpetuation of itself. If this continual expansion stops in our life,...