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3 ways to feel like a creator

3 ways to feel like a powerful creator

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Want to FEEL like a powerful creator? (I.E. Flow, Creative energy, PEACE, non-stress, fun...) A key to creating intentionally is to stay in the PRESENT moment. Here are three ways......

Why you may feel overwhelmed, disconnected, exhausted and out of energy.

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Let's talk about acting. Playing a role. A role that needs to look this way or that way. We have all these concepts that we learned from people outside of...

The TRUTH about telling the truth

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I'm a liar. I bet you are too. But before I go there...a warning. This is going to go DEEP. You might have to read it twice. I'm still trying...

Do you worry about what others think?

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Performance identity keeps you stuck either crucifying yourself…or blaming others.   Because in performance identity – we NEVER arrive.   Ever.   There is always a better performance. There is…

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