A key to masculine power

By September 22, 2015 Blog No Comments

You want your masculine power back?

Allow yourself to FEEL.

You’ve been taught to run your entire life from your feelings…

And you wonder where you passion and drive has gone.
Where your masculine power has gone.

Here is where: You killed it when you decided you would “control” your feelings.

Using the mind to control your feelings is a great deceit.

You can use your mind to IGNORE your feelings.

So your feelings then come out to play in your health…in your subconscious…and play the puppet with your life WITHOUT you knowing it…

…and the exchange for this deadly ignorance?

You give up your masculine power, half your decision making tools and constantly feel empty inside.

And the worst part?

If you can’t feel…you can’t feel GOOD either.

Give yourself permission to feel.

Then start *practicing* it.

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