Confirmation Bias

By September 30, 2015 Blog One Comment

The reason why people want a coach that insults and yells at them is because it confirms the little voice in their head that says they are a loser.

Unfortunately…working smarter and harder while still believing you’re a loser can get you short term “results”…

You just won’t enjoy them…and you’ll live your life out fighting tooth and nail to protect them…all while turning to addictive habits to get release from the stress YOU put on yourself.


Burning money on nothing.

Empty nights…

Self sabatoge. OVER. AND. OVER.

Don’t take the cop-out of hiring a task master “coach” that simply gives voice to the part of you that already hates you.

The question is simple…how good can you handle it?

It isn’t how many hours you can work. It isn’t how much can you struggle and strive. It isn’t how can you pay your dues.

It’s how good are you at allowing life to feel amazing…right now?
And from that place of power…what are you going to create next?

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One Comment