Dancing with Fear

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Dancing with Fear

Do you want to dance with your fear?

Hidden and draining fears control all of us. They keep us procrastinating. They keep us from being honest and telling the truth. They keep us stuck in our relationships.


You can dance with your fear.
Partner with it.
Lead it.

…and watch it fade away.

But not if you don’t know how.

There are two BAD approaches to fear.

Part of what gives fear its power is this idea that fear is a “bad” experience…so we try to avoid or remove the fear…we try to pretend we aren’t having the fear.

So we’ll stay stuck. Because we don’t start with the reality of our circumstance.

Another approach is the idea that fear is something that just needs to be “forced” through. (Adrenaline, force, will)…

This isn’t practical. It doesn’t increase our capacity, and most hidden and draining fears in life come down to relational fears involving other people and scary conversations. Which isn’t like jumping off a cliff…it’s a conversation…adrenaline and force can easily sabotage a conversation.

So these two common approaches will hurt you more than help you.

So I invite you to a third approach.

Be present with the fear.
Love and appreciate the fear.
Then create what you want from that energy.

When you can master the art of dancing with your fear…
Your power will exponentially explode.

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