Fear Sucks (Life)

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Fear Sucks

My Hidden Fears are the ones that destroy the most over time.

Not the obvious fears.

Those are powerful for sure.

The obvious fear destroys opportunities. It keeps me from expanding and collapsing time. It keeps me from investing in myself. From sharing me voice. From selling. From committing.

It pools my energy so I grow tepid and stagnant…comfortably numb…close minded…and stuck.

It keeps me from change.

It’s the fear that you get when you’re at a networking event and the host asks you to be the “main speaker” 2 minutes before the main speaker was suppose to take stage.



This type of obvious fear isn’t the one that we face every moment. Every day. Every second.

It’s not the one that hides behind everything I do…back seat driving my life.

Those drivers are the hidden fears.
The subconscious fears. The draining fears.

The “little” ones.

But the hidden fears are stronger – BECAUSE they’re not as obvious.

So my mind pretends they don’t exists and my mind reasons them away.

And starts deceiving itself from the beginning.

And I procrastinate on the things I KNOW I want to do the most. And slip into anxiety. And live my life in perpetual stress and overwhelm.

I attempt to manage by ignoring or avoiding.

And I’ll do so until the pain reaches such a state of discomfort – that I switch into “force” mode and do what “I have to do”.

This is the cycle that keeps you from doing what you know you “should” do.

This is the cycle that keeps you procrastinating.
This is the cycle that keeps you playing small…week..after…week.
This is what destroys. The water that carves the grand canyon of suffering…the grand canyon of mediocrity…the great monument of a life of regret.

So maybe we should take these hidden and draining fears a bit more seriously.

Instead of constantly pretending they don’t exist.

Maybe we should acknowledge that all of us, to some degree or another, don’t have the control we think we have.

That our hidden fears run even the smallest decision before us.
And it doesn’t make any sense.

And until we learn how to dance with our little fears…

We’re the frog in the pot of heating water.

Dead at 25…but getting buried at 75.