Finding Hidden Beliefs That Sabatoge You

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Your DEFAULT focus is a sign of your deeper beliefs.

+ Are you focused on “what if I mess up” or on serving others?
+ Are you focused on what you didn’t get from your wife…or on how you can give?
+ Are you focused on your child’s bad attitude…or on yours?
+ Are you focused on potential failure…or on potential impact?
+ Are you focused on what is going wrong in your life today…or what you can appreciate?
+ Are you focused on how you’ve grown…or on how you’re slow?
You naturally focus on what you subconsciously BELIEVE you “should” be focusing on.

Are your beliefs serving you?
Or draining your life away?

Think of the last time you did something fun and exciting. Something expansive and thrilling. Something where you were in flow.

What was your focus?

It probably wasn’t on what other people thought. It probably wasn’t on how much of a failure you are.

It probably was something that you can’t easily put into words: but it was expansive.

Because your beliefs about you and the reality around you supported your POWER in the moment. Instead of sucking your power.

So get curious. List out your current thoughts and beliefs after each of these questions. If they aren’t powerful beliefs – no wonder the area is a struggle!

Do your inner beliefs EMPOWER your marriage? Or is your focus on everything you (or your partner) lack?

Do they EMPOWER your health and energy? Or do you hate your body and how it is serving you?

Do they EMPOWER your finances? Or do you think you can’t deliver value to the world because you’re not cool, skilled, reliable, dependent, confident, a jedi…

Do they EMPOWER your faith and purpose? Or are you lost and disconnected?
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