Life on the Edge

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The funny thing about fear is that it feels the same – regardless of the impact.

But the impact YOU have when fear comes up is determined by where you have chosen to play up until this point…

Here is what I mean…

Someone reading this is afraid to talk in front of 10 people.
Another person is fine with 10, but 500 is scary.
Another – 500 is easy. But 5,000 is a stretch.

To all of these people, the fear feels the same.
But each of them has created a different edge.

They all felt the fear talking about their topic in front of one person.
Then in front of 1 person that potentially paid.
Then in front of 5 people.
Then in front of 10.

Then two advanced to 100…then 500.

Then one advanced to 1000…then 5000.

The fear doesn’t go away. Your capacity increases.

The fear is the same fear – regardless if you are impacting hardly anyone…or impacting tons of people.

The only thing that separates the person bringing value to thousands and the person bringing value to 5?

Is how many times they’ve chosen to take action on their EDGE…that place where fear meets ability.

Thats it.

So when you look at your life…realize that the depth of value, influence and experience you are creating for yourself…is directly linked to your conscious choice to step to your edge.

Most of us step to our edge one or two times…then we stop.

Not because the fear is too great. (No – we’ve pushed through the fear before to get where we are…)

But because we get lazy and want to stop experiencing the fear.

So here is my question for you:
In your life – where are you paying out on the edge?
And where have you not tasted your edge in years?

This isn’t just about business.

What about: Communication? Relationships? Sex? Health? Fun?

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