Our Stories Hinder Our Power

By October 5, 2015 Blog No Comments

Here is the truth.

I can DREAM all I want. I can have a BURNING DESIRE for an epic marriage, body, relationship with God, relationship with my kids…a BURNING DESIRE for time freedom, my own business, earning millions…

But a burning desire isn’t the same thing as the story I tell myself.
Imagination isn’t the same thing as FAITH.

I’ll NEVER rise above the story I set for myself.

The story I tell myself comes down to one simple thing.
Do I believe?

Because if your story behind it all is a story of failing..again…
If your story is a story of struggle…
If it’s a story of disbelief…

If what you really FEEL…at the bottom of it all…is a deep sadness and deep regret.

…you’ll stay where you are at.

Here is the KEY question: Do you actually BELIEVE you CAN BE the one with millions? The one who is an epic lover and has an epic marriage? The amazing parent? The healthy body?

Can you try it on with FAITH and KNOW that it fits?

Or are you like I am sometimes…when I try on an epic body of health…my story often laughs at me and mocks me.

Until I’m open to receive…
I won’t.

Until I believe I can create…
I won’t.

Fostering that faith takes intentional practice. It takes commitment. And it’s an ongoing process. It’s having faith in the little. Appreciating the growth. Loving the journey.

But don’t get caught up in thinking faith is the same as imagination. It isn’t just wishing and dreaming harder…that does very little.

It’s shifting your deep beliefs about your worth, your acceptance, your capabilities, and your gifts.

First change your own story and beliefs. Get comfortable in your story. Then your external world will adjust to fit your internal world.

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