The parroting of leadership

By October 1, 2015 Blog No Comments

Leadership became a big catch word at a young age for me.

And I’m thankful. I was gifted a John Maxwell book – and read it front to back.

It really influenced me. ha ha ha.
(If you don’t know, he defines Leadership as influence.)

I would go a bit farther though. (So does he…since he has like 60 books on the topic…)

I would say Leadership is also unlocking. Not just the ability to influence, but the ability to assist someone in unlocking and discovering their unique voice, message, and gift to the world.

That place where they can fully step into their purpose, identity and power – that looks like no one else and sounds like no one else.

In short – many people measure good leadership by how many followers are around (and have paid to be around).

That’s kinda like giving a man a fish. It creates dependency and mini-me’s. It creates clones. Group think. Cliques. It builds buckets of “in” and “out” groups – accepted and unaccepted.

All of this is human nature. So some people market and build around this concept…it’s a sure fire way to make great money.

And…it’s helpful to some.

But it isn’t the final destination. It’s like the first rest stop.

Part of leadership is stepping beyond our limitations into our greatness.

A good leader…to me…has followers who are alive and have a voice. AND THE FOLLOWERS LOOK LIKE THEIR AWESOME SELVES.

Fully powerful. Fully unique. Fully tapped in and authentic.

They aren’t copy cats of the leader. They have their own voice and perception. Their own insights. They feel the ability to agree or disagree. To form their own opinions – even if it’s different. (Which it will be). There is an open feedback loop of guidance but not control…and deeper than that all of that…the “followers” are now able to identify and step into their unique power in a bolder and more powerful way than before.

In short…

A BAD leader has followers that look just like them. That parrot them. Their followers are still dependent on the leaders power. The leader is more driven by the threat of not being the only one at the top of the pack than the desire to allow their followers to fully step into power.

A GOOD LEADER has followers that look nothing like them – because their followers have been given the guidance to step into their own UNIQUE power.