The Steel Trap of Positive Thinking

By October 28, 2015 Blog No Comments
When you “think positive” you could be hurting yourself more than helping.
Because thoughts and beliefs are two different things.
A THOUGHT is simply an idea that goes through your mind. We think all the time. You could be thinking about a game. Or an elephant.
But they are just thoughts. You’re not your thoughts, you’re experiencing your thoughts.
A BELIEF…however…a belief is a fully body experience. They are thoughts adopted on an emotional level so they FEEL true. They generally have feelings of anger, sadness, love or fear coupled with the thought.
So how can thinking positive hurt you?
If your positive thought clashes with a deeper limiting belief…
The limiting belief wins every-time.
And what’s worse?
The limiting belief gets AFFIRMED because your positive thought triggers those constrictive feelings again AND when the limiting belief clashes with the positive thought (and WINS) — your limiting belief deepens its perceived evidence.
So purely thinking positive often DEEPENS how stuck and discouraged you are over time.
Until you are ready to unhinge limiting beliefs on a deep level (which often MUST include an emotional level)…your mental sparring might be hurting more than helping.
Be RADICALLY honest with everything that your feeling, believing and experiencing. Even if it hurts. Even if its smaller than you would like to be.
That is one of the first steps of raising your own perception of you.

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