Why limiting beliefs keep you stuck even after you’ve thought everything “right”

By October 29, 2015 Blog No Comments

One of the biggest roadblocks people have in life is paying attention to their FEELINGS.

They’ve spent their life judging them, running from them, ignoring them…

They ridicule themselves when they experience them…

Sadness is irrational. Anger is evil. Fear is weak.

But ignoring feelings will keep you trapped by limiting beliefs you developed earlier on in life…

Because BELIEFS are more than THOUGHTS – they are an experience.

And people often can’t unlock emotional “beliefs” or truths (that have been heavily anchored with sadness, anger or fear…) while ignoring the feelings and emotions attached to the belief.

And this is one of the reasons people stay stuck…

They can have all the “right” mindsets. All the “right” positive thoughts. All the “right” responses…

But it’s like bringing a hammer to a gunfight.

Limiting beliefs have emotional anchoring – which will be more powerful than positive thoughts.

And until one is ready to face into the hidden “darkness” of these deep feelings and feel them…you’re playing games that can bring some temporary freedom – but do very little in the long run to free you from self sabotaging patterns.

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